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【学术报告】研究生“灵犀学术殿堂”第532期之Claas Willem Visser 助理教授报告会通知
2020-01-03 11:58   党委學生工作部 審核人:   (點擊: )


我校定于2020年1月6日举办研究生灵犀学术殿堂——Claas Willem Visser报告会,现将有关事项通知如下:


报告人:Claas Willem Visser助理教授

时间:2020年1月6日(星期一) 下午15:30


报告题目:3D printing of multi-scale functional polymer foams

内容简介:Polymer foams are cellular solids composed of solid and gas phases that are widely used as personal protection gear, pressure sensors, thermal insulation, acoustic materials, and scaffolds for artificial tissues. Their mechanical, thermal, and acoustic properties are determined by the respective composition, volume fraction and connectivity of both phases. Therefore, controlling their local architecture is hardly possible with current techniques, since bulk techniques lack control and microfluidic techniques lack the options to create foams with internal gradients. Here we introduce direct bubble writing, a technique for additive manufacturing of locally tunable polymer foams. By ejecting bubbles into the air, depositing them onto a substrate, and polymerizing them in-situ with UV light, open- and closed-cell foams with locally graded densities were printed into programmable macroscopic shapes at throughputs >10 mL min-1. We fabricated graded polymer foams in several motifs, including 3D lattices, shells, and out-of-plane pillars. Through the incorporation of silver nanoparticles, we produced conductive composite foams with controlled stiffness for use as soft pressure sensors. Direct bubble writing opens new avenues for rapidly designing and manufacturing designer polymer foams on demand.






Claas Willem Visser于2015年在荷兰屯特大学获博士学位,2016—2018年在美国哈佛大学做博士后,2018年至今在荷兰屯特大学机械工程学院任助理教授,在Nature, Science Advances, Advanced Materials, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Physical Review Fluids等权威期刊上发表论文三十余篇。